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OGG Nursery was established in 2012. We offer Marijuana Cuts, Clones, and Seeds, with verified cannabis genetics. All the varieties of marijuana offered were added after flowering seeds, in which the best genetics were identified and desired phenotypes preserved. OGG Nursery only carries easily identifiable, stable genetics. We offer Feminized only, Pure Genetics Sativa Marijuana Clones, Indica Marijuana Clones, Hybrid Marijuana Clones and Cannabis Seeds, so that you can begin your legal medical grow from various stages of development.

Start your Marijuana treatment now. The success of our collective results from a simple method of acquiring the most potent cannabis strains for marijuana patients and cannabis breeders alike. OGG Nursery has been the best source of marijuana plants and cannabis seeds in California consistently the last several years. We have the most professional and simple platform to buy cannabis genetics online.

Don’t be fooled by gimmick websites with random lists of marijuana strains and no information. Buy cannabis seeds and have them shipped overnight. Seeds bred and harvested locally have the highest germination rate. Expedited domestic travel eliminates any shipping problems and remember a Representative is always available to speak to if you have questions: 562-257-6383

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Marijuana Clones, Teens for Sale in California

You can buy clones and buy teens with our large selection of choices.
We even allow you to buy seeds with us here at OGG Nursery.

Buy Marijuana Plants in Los Angeles, California

If you’re ready to buy teens or buy seeds, give us a call first. We make it easy to find teens for sale and buy teens, plants, and seeds. We’re only open by appointment, but offer a window of times to suit your schedule and work with your needs.

You'll find Quality Teens for Sale with Us

Buy teens with us for complete and utter quality that can’t be beat! We have teens for sale that are stable, which makes it easy for you to save time and money.

Buy Clones in Los Angeles California

If you’re searching for clones for sale in Los Angeles or elsewhere in California, we are the name that you can trust to deliver exceptional products, great prices, and the service that makes you smile.

Marijuana Seeds in Los Angeles, California

You can buy seeds online and arrange for pickup or delivery of your product. We carry a large inventory of feminized and non-feminized seeds in a variety of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains